Working Space Selections for Solopreneurs in KL & Selangor

In the early many years of mankind, each of us belonged to the nomadic species. Our lifestyle requires us to roam around freely from a single place to another, tracking the stars, following the various seasons in order to protect our families from predators, and attempting to find food to carry on. Moving onto civilization, it’s now become common we find digital nomads and freelancers, especially when anything is generally completed by the technological advancement. With a business continuity plan, It changes the lifestyle and maximizes the productivity amount of anyone.

You should not any look further for a coworking environment. There are plenty of co-working offices in Malaysia and around the Klang Valley area. These shared offices are worthy of start-up companies or small organization entrepreneurs that like to spend less money or need to have a greater work-life balance.

One of the coworking spaces we are featuring Colony @ KLCC. Colony’s mission is always to revolutionize their customer’s work experience. Along with the digitized marketplace, Colony’s objective is generally to make you feel more in your home. A lot better, this serviced office is compact in the middle of Pavillion and KLCC.

Common Ground

Being a coworking space, Colony targets on transforming into a one-stop coworking space for their customers. A virtual office that represents a new dynamic culture to endorse a work and life balance as a part to raise people’s productivity. Colony features several amenities to boost productivity rates like the gym, a nap area, a cafe, and also a massage room. What’s even better, Colony is not just providing working stations, but also a lavish event space to rent.

Common Ground believes in teamwork and growing as a community. Even though designs of the respective venue of Common Ground differ, their value and concept stay the same. Each of their spaces materializes upon fostering a professional working space, nevertheless with the leverage to balance. They’re currently perfectly located in the hubs of Malaysia and Singapore. With four main venue in Malaysia.

Office spaces in Common Ground are modern that balances professionalism and style. You could also enjoy various services like top speed internet, free of charge refreshments, and onsite staff that can help you any time you need them. Common Ground will also support you and the business with services like graphic design, tax and accounts, and insurance. The Common Ground App can also be downloadable if you’d like to meet people within the co-working space.

Worq.Space is another virtual office that is situated in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail along with a mission to enhance the efficiency level of the customers by offering these people with high standard services. The aim of Worq.Space as a coworking space is definitely to help you to grow, generate a lifetime relationship with everyone, and encourage variations.

Regardless of if you’re using a hotdesk, a dedicated desk or a private suite, WORQ has all everything required. From meeting rooms to conference facilities, you will find yourself delighted by the service WORQ provides. For instance, treat yourself to some food at their fully-stocked pantry with free flow coffee, tea, and snacks! In addition, there are scheduled activities if you’d like to meet new people and make friends.

Interested in experiencing an innovative working with business continuity plan experience? Would you want to explore what you can do? Look into these places for your unique working experience,, and

Emperikal: making companies thrive in Malaysia

The web marketplace in Malaysia could be very competitive. Concurrently, it is bustling with opportunities. Digital marketing differs from old school marketing because ROI is usually a whole lot better. If you hope to differentiate your small business, make sure to invest your marketing dollars into digital marketing in Malaysia. A very good digital strategy needs to include SEO, SEM, and mobile marketing for use on your business.

Emperikal is amongst the few agencies which are not surprised by the growing trend. Malaysians belonging to the ages of 12 to 60 years old are constantly web surfing, thanks to the disruption of the world wide web being made accessible and economical just about everywhere. Examples of a highly regarded marketing agency in Malaysia such as Emperikal, know the digital landscape allowing it to deliver meaningful business impact towards a business’s online strategy. Emperikal, a recognized full-service digital marketing agency in Malaysia is an ideal solution to suit your business needs. You may get unparalleled ways to access world-class marketing resources that are available from its other sister agencies. The truth is, you’ll never have trouble hiring the expertise of a marketing agency in Malaysia. However, don’t assume all marketing agencies are the same. Emperikal consistently tops its competitors as a result of its data-driven way of helping brands improve their online visibility. Emperikal has established itself and has developed a well-known brand name as a respected digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

Our digital services will align in conjunction with your offline marketing activities assuring maximum synergy. Let us also look at the audience, date of services or product launch, events, and promotions when preparing your digital strategy. You may also have complete power over your finances spend together with your potential audience. Moreover, every dollar spent will be recorded and you could easily calculate your ROI.


To dominate the web research engines like google, a great content strategy is going to go a long way. You may have known at this stage, Google places an exceedingly high value on content quality concerning ranking the several webpages. Thin written content is a no-no. After you have your quality content ready, how can you make certain that people will find your internet site from Google? That’s the spot where SEO becomes crucial. Our agency gives you the best SEO packages in Malaysia for boosting your website’s visibility in the major search engines like yahoo.

When you need to acquire more direct results in Malaysia, pay per click and display advertising that this digital marketing agency provides give immediate results by placing an internet site straight to the top of the Google results page. This increases a website’s traffic from day one together with the mission of creating more leads.

As known, social media marketing enables you to reach a large number of your market. Emperikal is considered the social media agency for your social media marketing in Malaysia. An assured social strategy on different platforms including Facebook and Instagram will be more important than previously and will have a very major effect on your business.

Don’t have a business website? It is now time to make one. A clean and professional website speaks volumes concerning the trust and integrity of your respective business. This is the first touchpoint for your customers and stakeholders, please remember that we won’t have a second possibility to recreate the initial impression. We have the best website developers in Malaysia that will help achieve your dream website. A good web site will likely need eye-catching visual elements to make certain that men and women will remember it better. However, do not worry, as we provide the very best graphic design in Malaysia with our team of experienced designers.

Internet marketing shines when it comes down to data analytics. A variety of paid and free tools can be used for performance tracking and measurement. In simple terms, you will want to see what works and what doesn’t inside your advertising campaign, to enable you to adjust your budget accordingly. Armed with that data, we will use user experience design or UX design to optimize your website for the best rate of conversion. We will visualize the buyer’s journey from the moment one visits your web site until one checks out with their shopping cart.

All in all, Emperikal supplies the entire online package to increase a business’s presence online, through their webpage or social network sites. Do you want extra info or are you looking for employment with this company? Explore the website to determine if you fit their digital marketing job description and apply! Best wishes!

AIG Malaysia: 360° Insurance Plan

AIG Malaysia appears to have been actively serving the citizen with comprehensive personal injury insurance & risk management solutions determined by their individual & small business needs since 1953. Presently, there’s a large workforce including keen brokers and agents operating in at a minimum of 15 offices nationwide on the main objective to assist clients to the maximum degree of care.

AIG knows well that in dealing with the uncertain future, few things are more reassuring than having proper insurance in its place. So, they’ve already offered a variety of packages that could be able to cater to both companies as well as individuals’ needs.

For many people, owning a car or just a house is a seriously scary thing without the right insurance policy. To its importance, the federal government of Malaysia has even made insurance subscription mandatory to ensure the city is preparing to protect their assets in the instance of misfortunes. With this, AIG Malaysia offers car insurance policies & property insurance plan that has comprehensive coverage.

AIG Malaysia

Setting homes aside, personal well being is as well another aspect individuals should give full attention to. In this particular aspect, educating the community concerning the significance of medical insurance is the true challenge. Nevertheless, this won’t stop AIG’s agents from making an effort to elevate awareness. Now, their effort has started to signify some positive outcome, for the reason that numbers of personal medical insurance purchased by the Malaysian citizen grow drastically year in year out.

As a consequence coming from the rise of international trading and much less expensive traveling expenses, the Malaysian citizen seems to travel more both for work and leisure. Since there’s a huge interest in travel insurance, AIG provides a complete coverage insurance policy for its customers with a catchy tagline, that is “let us “Jaga” you on your trip”.

Within the needs of businesses in risk management, a more elaborate plan’s attainable. AIG covers liability insurance, fronting and captive services related insurance, trade credit insurance, including group employee benefits insurance. Firms can protect their businesses more effectively together with the flexible type plan which might be tailored to their actual needs.

The objective to offer a customizable plan is as a consequence of AIG’s knowing that different businesses from different sectors, along the lines of those involved with education, professions, hospitality & leisure, import & export, communications, or media & technology industry, have different risk management needs. Not only that, but they will also be mindful that scale matters, and consequently AIG has additionally released SME Package to assist protect small establishments with the affordable subscription plans.

Hence, customers who are interested in more information about AIG Malaysia’s insurance and risk management offerings can go to their internet site to receive details about nearby agents to arrange a face to face meeting. To customers preferring a straight-forward approach, they will simply request a quote within the website and gives relevant information with the intention that assessment can be done.

AIG Malaysia is very cognizant of the shifting trend of purchase that focuses more on e-commerce. With that in mind, they have got recently worked together with Lazada Malaysia to make personal injury insurance purchases found in the e-commerce platform. Upon purchase and after completing several quick steps in registration, customers can have their insurance plan activated quicker than 72 hours.