Get Rid of These Bad Driving Habits.

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As Malaysians, we love our cars and we love being on the road. Our dependence on driving has made us become fond of driving to our destinations. However, you can’t deny we’re all guilty of some bad driving practices. When more and more people commit these, unconsciously or not, not even a motor vehicle insurance is worth the danger and accidents. Quit these habits now!

1. Speeding

Driving your car past the speed limit is dangerous for some very obvious reasons. Speeding is one of the most common reasons in Malaysia for road accidents. The window of safety becomes incredibly smaller when you speed through the road. Whether it’s on the highway or town street and even if people are doing it, it’s much safer to drive according to the speed limit.

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2. Tailgating

Tailgating on the road frustrates everyone. You get annoyed at the car behind you, they get irritated that you’re not moving faster. This irritability could really distract you from driving safely. Not only that, tailgating could cause accidents and even intentional harm like brake checking. There’s no reason to unnecessarily tailgate another car when there is a safer way to pass.

3. Using Your Phone While Driving 

Every Malaysian is guilty of this. Whether it’s taking a call or replying to a text, using your phone leaves you distracted. Distracted driving is, of course, dangerous driving. You’re not fully aware of your surroundings and your instincts become dull, putting you and everyone else on the road in a dangerous position. Try to minimise phone use when you’re on the road. 


These bad driving practices are at the very least frustrating and at the very worst, dangerous. No excuse or reason is worth the danger and trauma you’re potentially putting people on the road. Not only that, you also risk ruining your car. Even if there is insurance for that, practicing good driving habits means that you get the most out of your insurance. Learn about one here

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