“Mitsubishi Electric: Changes for the Better How Mitsubishi Electric Enhance the Quality of our own Life

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Electrical appliances and electronic products have make people life easier, productive, secure and much better. In everyday living, electrical appliances but not only focus to help human in daily task, moreover require to be eco-friendly. Mitsubishi Electric started since 1921 and continuously invent and innovate electrical and electronic products.

From Japan

Mitsubishi Electric is known as the Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company that has been founded in 1921. For over Four decades in Malaysia, they have provided us various high-quality products including air conditioner, lift, escalator, inverter, and home items like fan and refrigerator.


One of the top items that they offered is air conditioning or air cond equipment, for example, Mitsubishi Mr Slim. So many ac brands available on the market, what’s make Mitsubishi Electric stand out? First, the characteristics that include enegry-efficiency and stunningly quiet performance. In addition to that, its Easy Clean Design is actually among the list of factors that attract people.

Safety First

Aside from that, they even offered building systems like lift, escalator, and elevator. Safety is the most crucial element with this type of products. Using their innovative engineering and advanced technological development, they’re able to guarantee the reliability, durability, and safety associated with the products.

PLC Controller

In addition to that, they may have already the finest factory automation system equivalent to PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), inverter, industrial robots even more. Heigher productivity and higher outcome can be performed over the helps of their products. Besides these very, their products good in monitoring information that is certainly efficient for work management.

air cond

Consumer Products

Do you know what is their first-hit product? This is an electric fan which is certainly for consumer use. If you’re looking for high-quality and durable home products which include fan, refrigerator, water pump, feezer, or fridge, read up on Mitsubishi Electric. Their property products incorporate high technologies for minimal environmental impact.

Lowered CO2 & Electricity

When manufacturing products by using their advanced technology, Mitsubishi always focus in lowering usage of electric power, CO2 emissions and plastic consume. As for this problem, Mitsubishi Electric really put a large amount of efforts with their technology and doing CSR which can create better green awareness to all.

With R&D

Why is this company so advanced in New Technologies? It is because Japan, is fully focus on Research & Development (R&D) and they are proeminent in the electronic and robotic industries. Besides it has at their disposal several technology centres that specialize in Industrial design, I . t . and many others, hence this technology advancement.

Make your choice

In short, Mitsubishi Electric endeavors, drive a sense of determination based on electrical and electronic innovations they are simply the agent responsible for. All services or products are built to meet people needs and improve the quality of our own standard of living. To visit the official sites, click into http://my.mitsubishielectric.com/en/

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