Safeguard Your Future With AIG Malaysia

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Insurance coverage will allow you to keep a legacy behind while shielding your household and youngsters. When it comes to any unlucky crashes or deficits, you may relax knowing that you and your family and friends are safe. AIG Malaysia MyGuardian Personal Accident is an excellent place to begin- it is probably the finest insurance coverage organization in Malaysia, and it has comprehensive policies for everyone.

Wherever you happen to be in your life, AIG Malaysia includes your back regarding age group or actual place. AIG provides four primary personal insurance policies: property, automobile, travel, and personal automobile accident insurance policy. These plans might be designed for every person and their household, and our plan costs are extremely inexpensive.

Contemplating travelling locally or in foreign countries? Think about getting one of AIG’s vacation insurance coverages. Some advantages incorporate health care and personal crash, including comprehensive coverage, journey cancellation protection, and vacation hassle, which you might deal with.

AIG Malaysia

Feeling secure and protected at your home is essential to every person, but sometimes unanticipated occasions happen. Some of the benefits associated with being paid by AIG’s Home Insurance plans include replacing the old products with new products in natural disasters or robbery.

AIG’s auto insurance guidelines are devoted to protecting your automobile against harm- such as through incidents, blaze, or burglary. AIG offers necessary streets assistance support should you be stranded on your way, along with a range of customisable put-on coverages. Our specialized board repair workshop provides 1 year of warranty on all improvements done.

Getting Personal Accident Insurance incorporates benefits, a lump sum payment on all mishaps, and health care and hospitalisation positive aspects. AIG’s policies also expand to 24/7, throughout the world protection. The high quality you will certainly payout depends only on your career and range of preparation.

Insurance is greater than a shield- additionally, it is a smart investment inside your household and your upcoming. At AIG Malaysia MyGuardian Personal Accident, we assist you in securing that potential through our comprehensive and versatile guidelines, which are good for all types of lifestyles. Make sure you locate the best suit for your personal future today at

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