Why Would You Consider AIG Malaysia?

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Insurance coverage will allow you to leave a legacy behind while protecting your loved ones and children. When it comes to any regrettable catastrophes or deficits, you can rest easy realizing that both you and your nearest and dearest feel safe. AIG Malaysia is a good place to start- it is among the finest house insurance providers in Malaysia, possesses detailed policies for all.

AIG Malaysia provides four key insurance plans. House insurance protects the possessions and construction of your dwelling against risks, car insurance protects your vehicles, holiday insurance guards you from accidents while travelling, and personal accident insurance preserves you from cuts incurred in case of an accident. AIG’s Travel Insurance policies are divided into three main branches: insurance both for domestic and overseas travel, and insurance coverage for college students travelling offshore. All policies feature medical and individual accident cover, which means you don’t really need to worry about incurring unexpected expenses while overseas.

AIG Malaysia

Feeling safe and protected at your home is vital to everyone, but sometimes unpredicted events take place. Several of the important things about being insured by AIG’s Home Insurance policies include replacement of the existing items with new items- with regards to events like disasters or robbery.

Protect your car with AIG’s car insurance policy. Some benefits of the coverage include our road assistance service that can assist you in changing your tyres, battery, and aiding you in the scenario of any accidents. In case there is car damage, you will also get a full pay-out.

There are living benefits, with protections for cracks, ambulance services, and much more. Allow yourself to focus on the more vital things in life without worrying about the unexpected. AIG Malaysia’s house insurance policies provide you with a variety of options and choices, so you can decide which ones suit you best.

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